Possible bug with Skatter and interactive rendering with Thea

**SketchUp version : ** 2017
Skatter version (Skatter dialog > Options > About) : 1.4.1
OS : Windows 10 and Windows 7
Description of the issue : When changing material settings while interactive rendering with Thea skatter objects becomes black. After stopping IR and restarting everything is ok. Seems to be only Skattered objects that are affected.
Same problem on two different machines.
Are you able to reproduce the issue every time? (If yes, how?) : Yes. See above.
Error in Ruby Console? (Window > Ruby Console) : Nothing

Yes this is a known bug. I don’t know if Tomasz already found a way to fix it, but it’s on his part, I can’t do anything about it.
You should ask Tomasz about it.