Possible to achieve triangular spacing?

I’m wanting to reflect my planting plan from our documentation, which is always at a triangular spacing. Is there a possible workaround to achieve this? Grid is the only distribution mode that sort of gets close.


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Hi @kevinpfeiffer729

Are you referring to this kind of pattern?

If so, here are possible ideas to explore to produce something similar:

  1. Grid with a rotation

    • Create a grid on a surface
    • Apply a 45° rotation
    • Use any mask to trim the instances that overflow, to obtain a clean square
  2. Two interlaced grids

    • Create two grid compositions on the same surface, with the same spacing
    • Use the offset parameter to move one of the grid diagonally from the other

Maybe other users on those forums have an idea?


For a small area ( or maybe even for a larger one) you could just:

  • create a pattern with very simple components as placeholders
  • select that group of objects into a skatter composition with right click
  • give them randomness in scaling and rotation

In the end it´s just overlapped lines. you could also even do it with the curve skatter tool just offsetting two types of components that overlap.