possible to add directional indicator / proxy name?

this request might be silly, but maybe helpful to others as well?

when using car, bicyclist, or people proxies I need to know the direction they are facing and which model they are. i always use bounding boxes and draw a line or arrow on the top of the bounding box to indicate the forward direction. i will typically add the proxy name to the bounding box as well for ease of reference. that way i can see the direction and type at a glance when i have dozens of them in a streetscape scene for instance.

is it possible to add an option like this?


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Maybe the new “Face Skipping” proxy preview type will be useful in this case?

face-skipping would work, though I would have concern about the additional geometry.

I would probably end up using the billboard proxies instead. those would be preferred to the bounding box. they take a lot of time to create manually, but if it’s automated in transmutr that seems the best solution!


You can also use the “Show Components Axes” option in SketchUp’s “Model Info” window. Using this, you can see the orientation of a component at a glance.

Note that Billboards are for the more expensive Studio version only, and is not yet fully automated. For now the user has to provide the image, but we plan to automate it completely if we can do it.

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