Prairie Clustering and Animation Test

Just a bit of testing of the Skatter V1 clustering option. Love it!! Amazing what Sketchup is now capable of thanks to plugins like this. Images and animation rendered with Enscape. It’s crazy that I can now process a 1080p60fps animation of a scene like this, in just minutes, and all within Sketchup! I would have laughed at the idea a few years ago!



Awesome! Thanks for the demo :slight_smile:

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This is amazing, man.

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Thanks Merwan, Chooyod!

Indeed, Enscpe sometimes it feels magical.
Did you use some motion blur on this?? I see some blurriness on the edges of the flower but not sure if it is compression or motion blur.
I always like to put a little motion blur on these throughout, it help with frame stepping and smoother movements.
Good job!.