preserve boundaries

hi there,

it would be super if there was an option to preserve 3d boundaries…

best, franza

Hi @ausserstorferbildsta
What do you mean by “preserve 3d boundaries”? Do you have an example?

i often use 3d models created from drone images
i then usually cut them into near and far away terrain/context…
then i make proxies for enscape… for the low poly placeholders it would be super if the boundary of the 2d surface or 3d mesh would be left outouched and only the “interior” simplified… theat way also the placeholder meshes would be consistend where they “touch”…

i hope you understand what i mean :slight_smile:

Thanks for the detailed explanation :slight_smile:

Transmutr’s simplification algorithm is supposed to preserve the overall shapes but with high simplification factors, it’s true that boundaries can get damaged.
Does it happen a lot in your use case?

I added your suggestion to our TODO list and we’ll discuss internally if we can improve this in the future. Thanks!

Hi, we’re working on this feature at the moment.
Can you send us a model that exhibits the wrong behavior so that we can make sure that it works better?

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hey there,

i have just checked in with the latest version and the option “preserve boundary” on - in a simple fast created test file it worked as expected allready now!?

i can test a more complicated real live thing later on -


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