preserve instances/components from FBX

It would be great if the instances from the fbx files get translated to sketchup components.
This would be really handy.

It should already be the case. Is it not? Do you have a sample model? (258.2 KB)

Two sketchup files, one is the base file with components, one is the transmuted file without components, one fbx exported from sketchup

When I import the .fbx in 3dsmax, there are no instances either.
So my guess is that the instancing is lost when you export the .fbx from SketchUp.

What did you use to do that?

just as a rapid test, I’m actually testing a revit file exported to fbx and transmuted to sketchup. Will let you know how it works for the instances. I work a lot with clients that use revit, if transmutr helps me with this it would be awesome!

Ok sorry it works, my bad, I was a little too quick to ask for this feature. It works great with revit exported FBX files, I just need to find a way to preserve the different materials when exporting from revit.

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