preset name next to skatter layer name

Hello Thomas,

I don’t know if I’m very explicit here but what I’d like to be able to do is:
When you select a preset, and generate the skatter, in general you have to rename the skatter.
By default, Skatter uses the preset name but if there are several skatters sharing the same preset, this is not possible.
Moreover, if you change the name of the skatter, you have to remind which preset has been used to generate it.
In a session of 2 days, it’s imaginable, but let’s say you have to modify a file you did 1 year ago. Your preset list will have evolved, perhaps grown, perhaps even deleted. Yet, if there is a reminder of the initial preset next to the skatter name, it should be easier to manage, don’t you think?

So now in the render list I wouldn’t change anything as it’s already packed as is. But we could imagine something just under Name in the the Main window, “based on” XXX preset.
As an afterthought, this could also be used to quickly swap between presets. You’d have a button next to it and it would open the skatter library window, and you’d be able to change to another preset.

Any insight?

I have read your post, no worry :slight_smile:
I’ve been thinking about it since then, but haven’t decided anything. So I don’t know what to reply yet ^^