Preview boxes randomly stop appearing

Ok so the previous issue is still fixed, only to be replaced with another one. When using ‘Render only’ the preview boxes randomly stop appearing. I have to render every time I make a change and evaluate from there. There is no discernible pattern to them disappearing, and they randomly reappear as well. Using the paint boundaries tool makes them pop up briefly but you can appreciate this isn’t much of a solution. I appreciate you’re working hard to fix these bugs and V2 has a lot of potential but my nerves are getting quite frayed at this point

@Mbladon I moved this to a new thread as it seems unrelated to V-Ray.

I have trouble reproducing this issue.

Do you have any steps in mind that could lead to that bug? Maybe some tools could trigger it? Does it appear with all your skp files or only some of them?

Hi, this has happened over a couple of different files, it actually seems to be behaving now so I can’t give you much useful info, apologies. From what I can tell it really does seem random, they suddenly disappear for half an hour then reappear. The render only bug has also resurfaced but I’ll address that on the appropriate thread

Ok, thanks for the info. Please let us know if this happens again. For the moment we have no idea what might trigger this bug.
In the meantime, we’ll be on the lookout.

Hi @Mbladon
This bug has been fixed so things will work better in the upcoming 2.0.4 version.

The issue was actually unrelated to Render Only mode. It was a sneaky UI bug introduced by the 2.0.3 version that prevented the preview to show up when clicking on a Composition Editor.

Thanks for your help.