Preview instances in percetage

I think it would be great if we could set a certain preview percetage of the skatter groups. When we have large areas where skatter are applied there is a preview limit. But we cant control this. Sometimes this makes the live preview quite slow as it still needs to generate 100k of preview instances. When we can set this to ie 10,20 or 50% it will be much more responsive.

This is a very large are and generation took 40sec. To adjust items and to preview it takes time each time. I know i can turn on and off “live preview” but i think this addon will be much appreciated.


I just found the 'miscellaneous" option and noticed i can set a lower preview number.

Im still wondering now why the number of objects in rendertime is than different than the number it shows when there are being generated. In my example the generation is 1,228,588 but when its rendered its about 5,788,888 or something like that. It much more than the number in bottom tells us

Where did you find the “5,788,888” number?

Well from thea console, it shows me the number of polys, faces, displacement and also objects

I just tested. I scattered 27 Lisannes, plus the surface and the original Lisanne, that’s 29 objects.
The Thea console tells me 645. So I’m not sure what it counts as “objects”.

okay, you beat me to it then!

Perhaps the count single objects in a mesh as well??? I think ill ask Thomasz whats happening then.

Let me know if you get an answer :slight_smile: