How much is Transmutr going to cost?

An Artist license of Transmutr will cost 49€.

And what about the Studio version?

We are not sure yet about the Studio version, as all of its features are not quite ready as the Artist version.

Here is a summary of the Studio-only features:

  • Permission to sell files generated by Transmutr
  • Proxies as billboards, simplified geometry, SketchUp file (ready)
  • Command-line interface (ready)
  • Floating license (not ready)
  • Automations/macros for material conversion (not ready)
  • Convert multiple files at once (not ready)

What do you think would be a fair price?

Disclaimer: I don’t know how many effort, hours, work and tears have you put in Transmutr, so please don’t get angry if my price estimation is strongly wrong.
Well, if Artist license is 49€, maybe something around 99€ could work for the Studio one.

Thanks for your input :wink:

In addition to the above, maybe it is good to also offer an upgrade option for users who already purchased a Artist License?

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Hi Thomas, can you explain more about the “Automation/macro for materials conversion”?

It will be some kind of UI to create macros with conditions and other kinds of automations.
For example:

  • If material type is Metal, give it 100% reflection
  • Look for “materialname.jpg” in specific folder, then assign it as Diffuse

Things like that, that would apply to the whole collection of materials. This will be especially useful for people who need to convert a huge library of similar files, they would use these automations in presets.


Amazing. I’m assuming you will provide the option to export it as a vrmat as well?