Problem scattering with Indigo and Skatter v1.0...groups and components issue

Good morning Thomas and Ronen,
I have a problem with Skatter v.1.0 and Indigo…I can shatter grass presets and I can shatter a tree if it’s a group…but I can’t if it’s a component…I have to fully explode it and transform to a group…than everything is fine? Is that an issue or is a normal procedure for Skatter? I read in the manual that I can scatter groups and components as well am I wrong?
Thank you for your answer and consideration…

Gian Luca

Does this happen with all components?

With trees generated by 3DArcStudio 3D Tree Maker plugin or with trees downloaded from 3D Warehouse…or at least with the ones I downloaded…

But other components do work?

I tried with a simple box modeled in sketchup…and it doesn’t work at all…so it’s a component problem…not a tree problem :wink:

Does it work when you disable “Render only” ?

With render only feature disabled it works…but now I’m confused a little bit…I tried with another component I made in sketchup…a sphere…and it works well with render only feature activated!!! Am I missing something? With every group I tried it works…and with components randomly works…sometime it works and sometime it doesn’t…strange…

Maybe it’s an Indigo sketchup exporter initial implementation problem…not a Skatter problem…

It indeed looks like an Indigo problem.

Can you send me one of the problematic component, so I can test myself?
[email protected]

Done…thank you!

It doesn’t work with “the meadow” components too…

After checking the file you sent me. It indeed seems to be related to Indigo itself.
The Skatter setup is generated fine, it works with other render engines, but not with Indigo.

So I’d recommand that you contact the Indigo developers, as I can’t fix this issue myself.