Problem with face space distribution

I’m a longtime skatter user. I use both version 1 and 2 because i can’t get certain things to work properly. I use skatter to distribute plants in my designs and also to distribute leafs along a host.

In version 1 i would use the "wrap uv"option to distribute. when i set the pointing up to normal skatter rotates all distributed components facing up. Whatever i try with version 2, i cant get the same results. It seems that skatter2 doesn’t rotate the component on it’s z axis the way skatter1 does… i added two gifs to illustrate the difference.

GIF Recording 2023-09-24 at 10.14.09

GIF Recording 2023-09-24 at 10.15.21

Yes it seems that the behavior changed a bit between Skatter 1 and Skatter 2.

Could you achieve the expected result with the look at transformation?

Hi Merwan, I am sorry for my late reply.

The look at transformation might work in some circumstances but won’t in others. i usualy make more complex shapes on which i like to skatter leafs and flowers. The look at function doesn’t allow the leafs to be on the normal of each face.

It’s a shame because it’s a function of skatter v1 i used a lot. Now i have to use the old version time and again.

Indeed it looks like we should go back to the v1 behavior.
I’m a bit reluctant to change it now, though, because it means the look of existing v2 compositions will change after the update.
The feature is not really broken per-se (we never said that it the objects should align vertically with the normal), but it is a different behavior.

We try to avoid introducing breaking changes like this within a major version cycle (v1, v2, etc). But we can introduce them between major versions (there were several breaking changes when upgrading a v1 setup to a v2 composition).

So we have two options:

  • Change this behavior in v3
  • Change it in v2 by adding a checkbox that is disabled by default. I don’t like that option much because it adds complexity to the already complicated UI.

What do you think?

Thanks for your reply Thomas! For me personally it would be fantastic if you would add it to v2 as an option. I use skatter on a daily basis and really miss this functionality. When is v3 due? I didn’t know you were working on that!