Problem with face space distribution

I’m a longtime skatter user. I use both version 1 and 2 because i can’t get certain things to work properly. I use skatter to distribute plants in my designs and also to distribute leafs along a host.

In version 1 i would use the "wrap uv"option to distribute. when i set the pointing up to normal skatter rotates all distributed components facing up. Whatever i try with version 2, i cant get the same results. It seems that skatter2 doesn’t rotate the component on it’s z axis the way skatter1 does… i added two gifs to illustrate the difference.

GIF Recording 2023-09-24 at 10.14.09

GIF Recording 2023-09-24 at 10.15.21

Yes it seems that the behavior changed a bit between Skatter 1 and Skatter 2.

Could you achieve the expected result with the look at transformation?