Problem with Sketchup 2022 and Skatter V1. On Mac Ox

yesterday I installed Sketchup pro 2022. After installation Sketchup does not find a scatter. I reinstalled the scatter twice and restarted the computer but the situation is the same. I work on mac ox.


Skatter v1 is an older version that we are not going to update anymore (apart from critical bug fixes).
If you wish to use Skatter in SketchUp 2022, you will need to upgrade to Skatter v2.

(Note that Skatter v2 for SketchUp 2022 on M1 Macs will be available soon)

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Hi Thomas

Just wondering when Skatter will be released for M1 Macs, I’m missing it somewhat…

man thanks


Hi @danbetteridgemac-com,

Still no progress on Skatter for M1 Macs unfortunately. We’re a bit swamped right now between a new project that will release soon and a significant update to Transmutr that we would like to release quickly too.

After that, we’ll be able to find more time to consolidate our various products, and especially to make them all support M1s.

Thanks for the quick response Merwan, is there any way to run Skatter (using Rosetta for example through Sketchup Pro 2021) I don’t want to run my main 2022 program using Rosetta

Look forward to hearing from you and also to the updated software

All the best


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We did some experiments with Rosetta and it seemed to work in some cases, but I’m unsure if it’s a robust solution.

If you want to try anyway, the trick was to run SketchUp with Rosetta. It will load Skatter with the appropriate settings and it might work (but no guarantees!).

I have had the M1 iMac24 for several months and wonder when you will have Scatter and 3D Bazaar working for it. Please.

As mentionned previously, we’re short on time to make a M1 version right now.
We wish to get to it but unfortunately we have a lot of high-priority tasks to take care of before diving into this.

Hi…I understand you are short on time right now…but we are customer that purchased a product that we can’t use anymore…from february to november it’s not soon…please, help us using your beautiful software…thank you!

In the past month, Merwan has done quite a lot of work on Skatter to make it compatible with M1 Macs. We now have a working version internally, we need to test it thoroughly to make sure it works correctly, and some polish is required.

We are really sorry that it took so long. Skatter uses dependencies that were not all compatible with M1 several months ago. This is brand new hardware technology and the whole software ecosystem has to adapt. This takes time, especially since Apple dropped this without much warning to the developer community.

I understand that you want to use Skatter with the latest SketchUp version and the latest Macs. But when you purchased it, we only guaranteed compatibility with current SketchUp version and Mac hardware at that time. Skatter can still be used in SketchUp 2021 on your M1 Macs (because SU21 runs in legacy mode, so does Skatter). It’s only SketchUp 2022 that requires extensions to be natively compatibility with M1.

But again: it’s almost ready and should be released in the coming weeks!


@danbetteridgemac-com @JLeese @Gian_Luca_Fausto

Skatter is now compatible with M1/M2 Macs in SketchUp 2022: [Release] Skatter 2.2.0

Thank you so much Thomas for your kind answer and consideration…good job!