Problem with win 10 pro No communication with sketchup

After installing (no problems) there is only the empty window, it doesnt work.
The report in sketchup is that there is no connection between transmutr and sketchup.

I open the port 1200 manually no sucess

my system

win 10 pro

on a win 7 machine there is no problem

Hi @arcadia44

Does this only happen when you start Transmutr from Sketchup or also when you start it in “stand-alone” mode?


In both situations. There is no Difference.

Could you try to install those two Windows packages and tell us if this fixes the issue for you?

We found that Transmutr has issues when those are not installed (we plan to include them with our installer in future versions so that it’s easier for users).

If this doesn’t solve your issue, please send us your log file (Options > Open Log Folder) to [email protected] so that we can get a better idea of what’s happening on your computer. Thanks.

2010 installation is not possible because of newer version
2017 is now installed but it doesnt work.
I also updated to 1.03.
No result.
Which log file do you mean.
In the extension/transmutr folder in sketchup I have only “settings” and “import model”