problema al usar skatter

Buenos dias, tengo un problema con el este plugin, cuando selecciono el Húesped, no me aperece la geometria o proxis de los objetos de la biblioteca y mucho menos lo visualiza el Vray; alguien sabe a que se debe esto?


Please write in English, as this is an international forum, and we are French ourselves.

Are you using the demo or do you have a license?

Does this apply to you?

Good morning, I have a problem with this plugin, when I select the Host, I do not feel like the geometry or practice of the objects in the library and much less the Vray visualizes it; Someone knows what this is?

Are you using the demo or do you have a license?

Does this apply to you?

Hi, i have the same problem. My skatter doesn’t work when I select a group the geometry that I want doesn’t appear at all… I’ve waited some minutes and nothing. If I touch the host group again it tells me that I’ve already selected that group and when I try to leave skatter it says that I have pending changes that were not generated.
I’ve purchased today the student licence and I download the newest version today.

Did you activate your license?
Did you try to use a crack before purchasing the license? This is a typical symptom of a “cracked” version.

Not really… I’ve used another version in the past for the 15 days trial… and this is the second time I installed it. I can’t use my licence because I’m in the 15 days trial of this version.

Please can yo help me? I really need to use it.

Please delete “C:\ProgramData\Skatter\License\” and try again.

Ok! And now I should enter my licence??

Yes, absolutely!

I am having the same problem, sometimes the geometry dissapears and is not rendering and the mask tool works well. I am using the demo version (since 11th september). I pretend buying the license but I want to be sure.

Do you click on “Generate” before trying to render?
Are you generating as “In-model” or “Render-only”?