Program hangs on converting tif to png

When I try to import a .3DS or .OBJ with .TIF textures, the program window goes blank and the program hangs.
I’ve tried this with multiple models and file types on a couple different computers and the problem is consistent.
Here’s an extract from my log file showing where it hangs:

[10:38:39.400|info] Converting image d:\Luke’s Files\3D Models\XFrog\XfrogPlants_USA_East_OBJ\Models\EA01_Acer_rubrum_Red_Maple\EA01brk.tif to .png…
[10:38:39.400|info] Image will be stored in
I am running Transmutr 1.0.1, and had this issue on 1.0.0 as well.

Any help to get these models converted would be appreciated.

Hi @LukeK,
You’re the second person who reported this bug, we’re actively investigating this.

Could you send us your model to [email protected]?

Hi @LukeK,
We just solved this bug. The fix will be available in the next release soon (1.0.2).

Fantastic, thank you Merwan & co.