Progress Bar

Very complex scatters are always going to take a long time to re-generate which is unavoidable and not a problem as long as we get great results.
It would be a great to have the visual feedback provided by a progress bar to give an idea of how much time an operation is going to take so it can be planned in to the workflow.

Brilliant stuff Thomas, keep it up!

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This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. The issue is that when we’re doing heavy calculations, the SketchUp UI is locked, and we can’t update it (say update a progress bar).

For V2, we are looking into doing the calculations in a separate process, which would allow us to display a progress bar. But we can’t promise anything.


Ah, that explains a lot. Thanks for the info.

Very good suggestion and explanation as to the difficulty involved. But, Thomas, if you do pull this off… BRAVO!