PROXY for Octane render

hello, would it be possible to add for octane render?

Octane for SketchUp has a very small market share. Unfortunately it doesn’t make sense for us to spend a lot of time supporting it for only a very small number of users.

Sorry for the disappointment.

thank you - it’s a shame!

I wish there was some sort of unified rendering framework in SketchUp, so that every render engine could plug into it.
Sadly this does not exist, so each render engine has to do everything their own way, which in turns make our life complicated!

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I suggested sometime ago that SketchUp materials would accept extra textures stored in them, even if they didn’t use it. That way a SketchUp material would at least be able to carry data useful for every engine and transmission between engines and different software wouldn’t break materials.

Sadly, it died the moment I suggested it.