Proxy linking to Reduced Mesh in One step

Hello, is there a easier way to convert meshes so that it creates both proxy using cross billboard and links it to reduced geometry using setting of the reduced mesh? I am working with plants and sometimes the .obj files converts into such large .skp files that it becomes unusable. Currently, I must transmute once to reduce the mesh, and transmute again using source .obj file to create proxy using cross billboard as placeholder. And then override the full-geometry file with the reduced file of the same name.

So essentially, you would like an option for the proxies to use the simplified geometry, instead of always using the full geometry?

Yes please, I would very much appreciate this option for the simplified geometry be linked to proxies rather than the full geometry.

As others have mentioned, SketchUp always balloons file size compared to the source 3D objects. With SketchUp 2021, this problem is less severe, but it is still a problem. Many variations of vegetation/plants especially those that have a lot of foliage and woody stems always become unusable once in the SketchUp format, it is necessary to reduce meshes most of the time for 3d planting contents.

Currently, one neesd to re-load the source 3d object twice. Once to create cross billboard proxies and once to create the reduced SKP file.

I should also mention a strange behavior: when transmuting for proxies by loading the reduced SKP file, proxy file size is equivalent to the reduced-full geometry SKP file even though it is just cross billboard. It is necessary to load the source 3D object to create the proxy file of billboard resulting in correct corresponding file size.