proxy should be seen

Hello Sirs,
I am very glad to use Skatter at office (as Landscape designer). It is nice!
Only one thing make me difficulties- if render only option is cheked I cant see proxies, and cant to manipulate them. It is sad. If I need to moove/hide/change layer/group with something etc- it is impossible. It is impossimle even to understand if skatter group exist.

I need to have in the scene: 1. one instanse of scattered component in FULL MESH mode (to edit it on
the go)
2.scattered group in PROXY mode (to reduce memory use)
If proxies (containers) are seen permanent it would be mutch better for orientation and manipulation, and not depends on render software!
Now designers have to make proxy manually (by Vray for example), then use scatter. Component editing and even recognition after that is impossible =((((

I agree with you.
The issue is that an extension can only draw on screen when its own tool is active. Then when you use another SketchUp tool (select tool, move tool, push/pull, etc), extensions are not able to draw on screen.

We are looking into having a workaround by hacking into SketchUp’s rendering pipeline. Kind of what V-Ray and Thea do to render directly in the viewport. But we’re not sure we will achieve it.

Good luck in this importent task!