Proxymaterials do not appear to subsequent proxies

Hi. Firstly I LOVE the idea behind 3D bazaar, I hate to have to apply materials when using skatter with proxies, and want to only change if necessesary - then I would have to change proxymaterials in VRay.

However, using 3D Bazaar, somtimes (on local files from vizpark) only the first proxy receives the materials, and subsequent appear grey in render.

In addition, when importing flowers, where the proxies actually apply the materials, they change all the flower maps on all proxies (importing proxy with yellow flowers, then importing with white both appear white)
I reckon its an issue with the local material placement and such, however all of the above removes the benefits I get from 3D bazaar for not having to apply all materials manually, which incidently is my biggest timeconsuming task unfortunately :frowning:

Finally I am completely looking forward to Skatter V2, as I unfortunately was not fast enough to get the beta. But I cant wait for the official release, great work!

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I suspect a material naming issue. SketchUp is kind of unpredictable when importing different materials with the same name, or identical materials with different names, etc.
Unfortunately the only workaround is to make sure the materials have unique names before importing them. This is something we try to make sure when converting assets before uploading them to the Marketplace. But for local files, I’m afraid there is not much we can do. This is SketchUp’s behavior, that we cannot control.

Can you confirm that this only happens with local files, not assets from the Marketplace?

Also could you send me some of these files to [email protected] ? I’d like to check and make sure this is indeed the issue.

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