[Q] Distribute objects on a curve each time changes with generate

Im wondering why when i use a curve/straight line, when i press generate or preview its setup changes. Sometimes i like the outcome or want to preview and test if it doesnt collide with other skatter groups, but then one previewing or generate the setup changes.

I think this is related to how Sketchup exposes edges/curves to the API.
Under the hood, Sketchup exposes a “start” and an “end” of each edge/curve. But sometimes when you modify theses edges, or group them, or restart Sketchup, etc, the order of the “start” and “end” swap. But Skatter has no way of knowing that the order has changed. In these cases you can see changes.
What you can do is highlight the curve host in Skatter, and click “Reverse”.

Hope that helps.

Well the problemisnt that it changes with a restart of SU but on each click with preview or generate.

I had drawn a line and then using BZ-curve tool added segments. I thought we could add segments with native tools but its destructive doing it like that. With the BZ-cuver tool i can add/edit/delete segments. Perhaps this is causing the issue?

If the geometry changes, then yes you should expect the Skatter result to be different.

But if the geometry doesn’t change and Skatter yields a different result each time you click Preview, then please send me the file so I can take a look at it.


Okay here is the curve and a small test model. Its the short edge of the curve which keeps shifting, the longer side stays the same.
With the BZ tool is see 2 different amount of segments, while with SU native tool both of them have 80 segments, so im not sure what correct amount is.

In the original document these 2 had different amounts of segments, i think with copy/paste this has changed some how. But i still see the preview jumping/changing.

Okay i changed the curve using the BZ-curve tool again and now i see it jumping on both sides. Thats like in the original document. see link previous message.

Thanks for the file, I’ll look at it asap.


I can’t seem to reproduce this on Windows. You are using OSX, right? I’ll test on that as soon as I get back on my desktop computer (in a few days)