[Q] Distribution and Alltitude Falloff

Im wondering why when i use altitude falloff the lower the top value the bigger the falloff. When i look at the example in the manual, it seems the top value is the absolute top point straight down. How come when is lower the number to 0 the falloff is bigger?

Also bottom falloff only seems to work when the bottom actually below Z-axis 0 point. When i move the model/slope in the Z-axis the alltitude falloff acts complete different than when the model is at Z-axis 0. It seems like its calculated from the bottom to the top, the text does state this. But the manual to me looks like they are separate, so from the top down and from the bottom up

Other issue is when im try to select hosts or objects the select tool becomes non-responsive. I need to switch to different icon to get it to work. Selecting objects doesnt have one so i need to close skatter tool in order to get it working…

Here’s a file i made, quick example Dropbox - File Deleted

There’s no Top Falloff value in your screenshots, what should the value be?

Well i though the top was always automatically the top of the mesh. Then the top number would be the height of that number and than the falloff is a number applied within that range.

But the top is a number from the bottom to the top of the mesh, so there for you need to first measure the height of your mesh.

No, the Top and Bottom values are altitudes from the model’s origin. They are not related to the mesh.

No, the Top and Bottom values are altitudes from the model’s origin. They are not related to the mesh.

But they could be related to the mesh’s group origin right? Or probably with the mesh bounding box?

The slope could also accept percentage values.

I think that would be a bit more intuitive though the way it works right now… well… simply works!


I would also see the top number working by itself. Now a user needs to either guess the height by punching numbers or snap out if and measure the specific height of the model.

The bottom falloff start at -20??? not sure why a number below zero is needed when it measure from 0 of the models origin.

I think a option for adjusting height would be a good alternative, when not checked a user can set his/her own custom height. When checked the top will always automatically by the height of the model itself. Bottom should alwyas be 0 i think and not a point below the point of the reference 0.

Why not? In Sketchup you can draw below 0 just like above 0.
20 and -20 are just default values. They don’t have specific meaning. Each model is different, so I put a default value that sounded right for the general purpose of this feature.