[Q] How to keep certain setup without changing it each time on load

How can i keep a certain setup when its set. Now it seems to change its setup or outcome. Does depend on which mode i use?

Ive got a part with some large cat palms, and each time i open it they change. Then i need to redo it so the plants dont cross certain areas in the scene

This is a bug. You should get the same outcome each time you edit/open the setup.
Could it be related to this post? http://getskatter.com/support/topic/q-distribute-objects-on-a-curve-each-time-changes-with-generate/#post-1649
I’ve not yet been able to get my hands on a proper OSX machine, so I’ve not tested your file, sorry.

no they are not set on a curve. But after better investigation i think ive changed some values along the way… my bad! atleast thats whats the cause for this. The error with the curve is still there i believe.

Isnt there a VM for windows to run a OSX system, like on OSX we got parallel desktop to run windows

Ok, glad to hear it’s not a bug.

Regarding running OSX in a VM, I don’t think that’s legal.

Why not? I believe there applications for windows to osx on the system. If OSX does it/can do it why windows not?

Here are 2 quick googles:

I’ve done it a while ago, it kind of works despite being very clunky.
But then I realized it is actually forbidden by the OSX EULA.

Found this post, in the bottom line someone says its not illegal cause they are “in violation of the Sherman Anti-trust act” or something…
But again, i t would need more investigation i guess