[Q]Is there a better way to avoid sketchup eating up ram while skattering?

Sorry to ask a question that seems hard to be resolved
I plant grass on a geometry of 500MX500M(just a simple test to get a balance)
I keep an close eye on the Windows Task manager once I hit regenerate, I notice that with the time elapse,Sketchup keeps eating up memory like a monster till the bugslape occured.
I always set max preview num to 5000
I also toggle on the camera clip and distance clip

I have 3 question below:
1 Is there a better way to aviod out-of-memory bugslapt?
2 After skattering tens of thounds of plants(leads to insufficient ram space),If bugslapt not occur, what will happen when I render these geometry?(V-Ray 3.4 and Thea 1.5)
3 Is there a constrain of memorry usage both Sketchup and these render engines?

Any answer will be really appreciate!
Best regards!

Windows7 64bit
Sketchup 2017

RAM is the limiting factor for Skatter. The more RAM you have, the more objects you can scatter (potentially unlimited, it depends only on your RAM)
8GB is indeed quite low for trying to scatter grass on 500m*500m.

Try to use the camera features to limit the number of objects : http://skatter.helpscoutdocs.com/article/74-camera-clipping