[Q] Why does the points show on half a sphere

isx 10.11.2

Im trying to make a hedge in shaped in a sphere. The sphere is made using 2 circles and the follow me tool. When i distribute using the basic start setting only half the sphere will be covered using uniform or random. When i choose vertices, the point are set at the bottom half of the sphere.

When i make a simple cylinder with caps. Only the top part gets the points? Here its the ame when i then select vertices, the red points do get scattered all around the object. The random, grid and uniform.

Ive also tried version 1.0.3 and shows the same result

That is due to the projection method currently used in Skatter. See here - http://skatter.helpscoutdocs.com/article/69-stuff-to-know
using Vertices does not use that projection method.

A hack you can do now is SPLIT the object in half where the slope changes… for the sphere that would be in the middle of it for example and have each part be its own group to be added as a host object.

Okay, i thought it would always project the proxies over the complete sphere. This makes it not Usable for all kinds off methods. Perhaps a feature where users can decide what projection angle is used can be added?

Indeed, that is the plan.

And guess what…

Thomas has something to tell you :wink:

Hi rombout, check this out : http://getskatter.com/support/topic/release-1-1-0/

Wow that’s great! Is it correct the full 360 is missing?

What do you mean “the full 360”?

I think I mixed things up. I thought wrapping was for the degrees you put there, that was for something else

Works great! Thanks for updating so fast!!!

Haha I’m not that fast, I made this before your request :wink:

Hey, this is super telepathic fast!

PS why is the projection only visible for random and not for the others?

You mean the “Wrap” mode? Because it’s not done yet for the other distribution types.

Aha, i thought perhaps this one is the only version