[Q] Why dont the items line up parallel, tried grid, vertices

rv 1.1.2

Im trying to add some light poles to a curve but i noticed the items dont line up. Even when i use horizontal mirroring they dont want to line up.

Ive added a screen shot of the top side, here’s also a link to the model so you can check. Not sure what im doing wrong here.
Screengrab from the top
link 2 model
When i paste it in a new model it does line up perfect…

PS i cant upload images no more, did something change

One note, ive added a other skatter group to those lines as well. COuld that make the difference?

I got it fixed by exploding the group and regrouping it. Though i do see they getting ou of line when i use transformation on the X-axis. The ones at the end stay in place and in line with each other. Both those in between wont align no more.