Rainbow spin in Mac

Hi all,

I have this problem. When I try to open a Sketchup file after I added skatter elements on it, Sketchup stop working.

Try to explain better.

I open a file in Sketchup, the file get open, and after a fews second, the rainbow circle start to spin. Even if I let the rainbow spins for minutes, sketchup does not respond. The activity monitor says that sketchup stop working, so I use force quit.

If I open the same file in another mac without skatter installed, everything goes fine.

I tried also to check the new feature of the version 1.1, “do not compute the disable groups on start up”, and it get a little better…I have to wait, but it does not crash.

I have Macbook Pro with El captain 10.11.4, Sketchup 16 and Sketter 1.1.0

In my opinion it looks that skatter hangs on sketchup to compute all his items…but it was not a big file, with not a lot of grass ether…anyone?!?

Can you send me this file?

[email protected]

Hi Thomas,

thank you for your answer, but the file now opens fine…I have to wait longer that I thought, but it works.

Thank you anyway, and if it happens again, I will let you know.

Hi Thomas,
I had the same problem. I found out, that when I removed two layers I used from Google terrain and Google terrain snapshot (in locked groups) the problem was over… Maybe scatter and/or sketchup cannot handle other locked groups?

Interesting, I’ll take a look at this. Thanks

I notice that the files hangs to open when you double click on it. Instead, if you have sketchup open first and skatter menu is open, the file not hangs… but skatter menu does not show the setting for the file opened. To have the setting back, you have to close the menu and open it again.

btw… the plugins is awesome… :slight_smile: good job.