Random distribution density setting: please explain

HI Thomas and Ronen,

I am reading through the answers to questions looking for a good explanation of the density setting when using random distribution. In this setting, are the “units” sketchup units, in my case, inches? A low number in density setting would make sense, since an inch is small. But i could be totally wrong about this, and thus my question. By way of request, it would be nice to have a primer pdf on this beauty of a plugin. Does one exists?

and all the best.

Hi Omar,

There’s no PDF, but have you read the online manual? http://skatter.helpscoutdocs.com/

If your units are inches, a 1 in Random Density means that you’ll get 1 object per square-inch.

thank you, just what i was looking for. Feeling sheepish…

Thanks again.