after having issues with Skatter and its librtary (don’t remember if that’s what it’s called) I deleted both.
How do I reinstall. It is a paid version

When you download Skatter, there are instructions to install it (there are two methods). Please check that link.

ok, I guess i need to be more specific. I wan to install skatter without paying for it again.

The link Merwan posted explains how to install Skatter. Then you can use your license key to activate it.

I wasn’t explicit in my explanation. I deleted the app, and need to know how to install it without paying for it again.

You don’t have to pay again to install it.

thought when I went to buy it, i would get a message that i had already purchased it. Instead, I got:

Don’t do that.
Please click the link that Merwan posted above, and follow the instructions.

it’s no longer in my extensions warehouse

Please try the “Install manually” method from that reply if you have issues with the EW: REINSTALLING SKATTER - #2 by merwan

thanks. I successfully installed skatter, but cant seem to install 3d bazaar. the tool shows up along with skatter,but when I try to use it i get this message;

thanks for helping me reinstall scatter. I was successful. but now I can’t log in to 3d bazaar. I tried to purchase a grass texture there but couldn’t .

Hi @skipper
It’s very unusual that users encounter so many issues with Skatter and 3D Bazaar. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We’re currently working on improving the Mac versions (especially for the newer Mac M1) but it still requires a bit of time and it’s unclear if this will solve your current issues.
In the meantime, would you like a refund, since you cannot use the extensions efficiently? If yes, please send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll take care of it.