[Release] 1.0.0


We are excited to announce the release of Transmutr for SketchUp! :tada:


Download : https://files.getskatter.com/transmutr_setup_1.0.0.exe


  • The 3 days trial is now available
  • Open File dialogs are now modal
  • The SketchUp extension is now signed

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Congratulations! It has been a privilege to participate in this beta. Best wishes!




It was an honor to join Beta! Congratulations to Thomas and Merwan!


Thanks guys for your support and help during the beta!

It’s not very obvious, but that’s a middle finger, not a thumbs up! haha :wink:


Incredible work. Congrats Transmutr Team. This is another game changer for SketchUp users. Not sure where SketchUp would be without amazing plugin writers honestly.


Sorry, confused image image
I admire your work image
Congrats Transmutr Team


You’re the third one I see mixing this emoji with a thumbs up :wink:


God loves a trinity (Russian saying) image


Congratulations :clap::clap::clap:


I hope you guys have good luck. You really deserve it!

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