[Release] 1.0.4


Download : https://files.getskatter.com/transmutr_setup_1.0.4.exe

New features

  • Transmutr can now import STL files.
  • When launched from SketchUp with Thea v2.1 (and above) active, Transmutr will export Thea proxies as *.mod.thea files instead of *.xml files.


  • Transmutr now reads the “Up Axis” attribute that is sometimes stored in FBX files so that models are automatically rotated as intended.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed missing material in V-Ray proxy when placeholder is “Simplified Geometry” or “Full Geometry”
  • Fixed texture paths discarded when the drive letter is assigned but disconnected
  • Fixed camera clipping plane not being updated when changing modifiers (scale, origin, etc)
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