[release] 1.2.0

Version 1.2.0


  1. Added trees, bushes, gravel, rocks and water lilies to the library
  2. Added more options to the Octane Studio (CSV) export
  3. Library's "Proxies" and "Render Only" options are now based on installed render engines
  4. Fixed translation units not being converted from library
  5. Fixed a bug with special characters in library file names
  6. Fixed "Render Only" setups when loading skp file from within Sketchup
  7. Fixed translation affected by scale
  8. Fixed a bug with custom library paths
  9. Fixed a bug when converting "Render Only" setups to normal setups
  10. "Random" is now the default distribution type
  11. Areas are now disabled in "Wrap UV" mode (matching UI with actual behaviour)

Download : http://download.getskatter.com/