[Release] Beta 0.2.1

Beta 0.2.1

Download : https://files.getskatter.com/transmutr_setup_0.2.1.exe

New features

  • Added a “Face Skipping” proxy type that only keeps a few faces to get an idea of the model’s overall shape
  • Added a “Zoom extents” button to make the model fit the viewport


  • Transmutr now adds a dummy colorized texture when the Diffuse slot is empty but other textures are in use (bump, opacity, reflection, etc) in order to preserve UV mapping in SketchUp
  • Texture files can be drag-and-dropped from the file explorer to the slots of the material panels
  • Improved Megascans assets materials
  • Added a notification when a new version of Transmutr is available so that users can easily download it
  • Added a button in the Options panel to open those Release Notes from the application
  • Converting units now sets the appropriate drawing unit in the SketchUp model

Bug fixes

  • Fixed missing geometry when importing models with faces that are smaller than SketchUp allows
  • Fixed texture mapping when vertices of a same face have identical UV coordinates
  • Fixed some edges not being smoothed
  • Fixed the unwanted rotation animation that sometimes started when clicking the "Show edges" button
  • Fixed Megascans asset imported as white when format is OBJ
  • Texture files can be drag-and-dropped from the file explorer to the slots of the material panel

Great addition, thank you so much!

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Note that we also plan do add drag&drop between slots : Copy/paste textures and materials and rename them


That’s even better! :+1:


Greetings Thomas.
Great improvements. Lots of work ahead!

This is very useful, thank you very much.

In essence it is the same as the Thea plugin does now. I’m very curious about the proxies for Thea in the future.

Best regards!

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I’m working on it right now. An issue arises: we will have one file per material. There is no way around it sadly, but we can group all the files in a subfolder.

Unfortunately, Altair doesn’t want to give us access to the Thea SDK, so we have to generate the files ourselves, and we can only generate *.mesh.thea files, not *.mod.thea files

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Thanks for your quick response.

This is really unfortunate for us, the Thea users. Still we trust in the work of the team.


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As a Thea Render customer, I’m getting tired of Altair.

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In addition to a zoom extents navigation tool, can we see a pan too to help us further investigate the model prior to output? Does this already exist and I’m missing it? So far I am only able to orbit and zoom in and out.

You can pan using SHIFT+Middle Mouse, just like in SketchUp.

Maybe adding a couple of keyboard shortcuts could be interesting: “h” for pan and “o” for orbit, like SketchUp does.

perfect - though I realized part of what is tripping me up is that when you use the scroll wheel it doesn’t zoom into the area the cursor is located. If it is possible to match the behavior of sketchup a little more it think it’d make the transition between software feel that much more natural. Thanks for you work on this!