[Release] Beta 0.3.0

Beta 0.3.0

Download : https://files.getskatter.com/transmutr_setup_0.3.0.exe

New features

  • Added Thea proxies
  • Transmutr can now be opened directly from SketchUp, the transmuted asset will be automatically added to the model
  • Added smoothing edges by angle
  • Transmutr now reads basic properties of V-Ray and Corona material in FBX files exported from 3dsmax
  • Renaming materials is now possible


  • Binding is now turned off in V-Ray materials created from a VRMat file
  • Transmutr no longer automatically triangulates the model. It will be triangulated only when using Geometry Simplification.

What good news! Each time Thomas did a great job. Thanks for Thea!

Hi, Great news!

Goods news!!! :+1:

until today, Saturday I’m doing tests.
And I just found that the browser is not working properly.

  • Pan does not work (scroll + Shift)
  • Zoom Extents, it’s crazy.

Hi @dedos_estudio.
I’m not able to reproduce such camera bugs on my computer.

Does it happens for all the models that you import or only some models?

apparently it was “momentary” error, it did not happen again.

But it is rare

Mmh that’s worrying. Let us know if that happens again :slight_smile: