[Release] Beta 0.3.1

Beta 0.3.1

Download : https://files.getskatter.com/transmutr_setup_0.3.1.exe


  • The preview viewport now supports TIFF textures
  • V-Ray Materials: “Diffuse Texture Alpha” is enabled if there is no opacity map

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed SketchUp zoom bug when importing models with tiny faces
  • Fixed maps not being copied to the destination folder when exporting Thea proxies
  • Fixed opacity maps not being picked up from FBX files
  • Fixed TGA textures appearing black in the preview
  • Non-planar faces are now triangulated


Corrections are fast-paced! Congratulations, folks!:aplaudir:

Ok, without moving any parameters, everything has gone well.
The next step will be more control over the materials. Good job! :+1: