[Release] Beta 0.3.2


Beta 0.3.2

WARNING: This version has a major issue, please download v0.3.3 instead: [Release] Beta 0.3.3 (hotfix)

Download : https://files.getskatter.com/transmutr_setup_0.3.2.exe


  • Transmutr is now smarter when looking for missing maps, it will look in all potential folders. When the user adds a map, Transmutr will look into this folder for all missing maps.
  • VRMat is now a material property instead of a material type
  • Spaces are trimmed from license key to avoid copy/pasting issues

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed exploded object when using scale/unit conversion
  • Potential fix for SketchUp not being able to connect to Transmutr, when opening it from SketchUp
  • Fixed ‘Communication Port’ option not being saved between sessions
  • Fixed wrong material name when created from VRMat
  • Fixed several issues with map paths in VRMats

[Release] Beta 0.3.3 (hotfix)
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Just wanted to say that the attention to detail that is leading the development of Transmutr is impressive. Congratulations!


Good news is that this fixed the issue I was having with Transmutr not importing the file into SketchUp. Bad news is that the model imports missing 98% of its geometry



Only this file or others as well?
Can you send it to me?


I get excited with every update! :+1: Thanks!


Great update! :smiley:


This will be fixed in the next version (v0.3.3)


The fix for your issue is here: [Release] Beta 0.3.3 (hotfix)

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Thank you Thomas, always very quick at corrections. Transmutr each day better and more precise.