[Release] Beta 0.3.2

Beta 0.3.2

WARNING: This version has a major issue, please download v0.3.3 instead: [Release] Beta 0.3.3 (hotfix)

Download : https://files.getskatter.com/transmutr_setup_0.3.2.exe


  • Transmutr is now smarter when looking for missing maps, it will look in all potential folders. When the user adds a map, Transmutr will look into this folder for all missing maps.
  • VRMat is now a material property instead of a material type
  • Spaces are trimmed from license key to avoid copy/pasting issues

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed exploded object when using scale/unit conversion
  • Potential fix for SketchUp not being able to connect to Transmutr, when opening it from SketchUp
  • Fixed ‘Communication Port’ option not being saved between sessions
  • Fixed wrong material name when created from VRMat
  • Fixed several issues with map paths in VRMats

Just wanted to say that the attention to detail that is leading the development of Transmutr is impressive. Congratulations!


Good news is that this fixed the issue I was having with Transmutr not importing the file into SketchUp. Bad news is that the model imports missing 98% of its geometry


Only this file or others as well?
Can you send it to me?

I get excited with every update! :+1: Thanks!

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Great update! :smiley:

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This will be fixed in the next version (v0.3.3)

The fix for your issue is here: [Release] Beta 0.3.3 (hotfix)

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Thank you Thomas, always very quick at corrections. Transmutr each day better and more precise.

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