[Release] Beta 0.3.4

Beta 0.3.4

Download : https://files.getskatter.com/transmutr_setup_0.3.4.exe

New features

  • All Proxy Preview types are now available for Artist licenses (adding ‘Billboard’, ‘Simplified Geometry’, and ‘SketchUp File’).
  • We can now edit the target face count when using ‘Face skipping’ proxy preview.
  • The model’s dimensions are now displayed in the ‘Stats’ section, and are editable (this will update the Scale multiplier).
  • Transmutr now exports Megascans assets with multiple variants.


  • Sped up the import of large models with many objects.
  • It is now possible to drag and drop maps between slots.
  • Added a security certificate so that Transmutr is less likely to be flagged as malware by antivirus softwares.
  • Transmutr will now use the scale factor of FBX files.
  • The ‘Cancel’ button has been renamed to ‘New’ and asks for confirmation.
  • Added an input field next to the Simplification slider.
  • The Simplification slider is now non-linear by default, as we usually need high simplification levels. This behavior can be disabled.
  • Improved the look of the icon on Windows.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed simplification producing many holes in the mesh. Holes can still happen, but they should be much less frequent.
  • Fixed some TIFF textures crashing the app because of an unsupported internal compression mode.
  • The camera clipping plane now depends on the size of the model. This avoids huge models from disappearing.
  • Fixed some faces not being created when triangulated.
  • Fixed some groups/components not being created when containing tiny faces.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when creating Thea materials.
  • Fixed the UI being slow when having many materials in the Materials tab
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Great Stuff! It just works!

Woah! Big update! Thanks for your hard work on this!

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That’s a really large changelog, congratulations!

Thank you Thomas e Merwan!

Will there be another beta release before the official release? I’ve been dying to get it but I missed both releases.

We don’t know, but note that we are very close to the official release!