[Release] Beta 0.4.0

Beta 0.4.0

WARNING: This version has an issue, please download v0.4.1 instead: [Release] Beta 0.4.1 (hotfix)

Download : https://files.getskatter.com/transmutr_setup_0.4.0.exe

We are proud to announce a brand new simplification engine! It is much much faster that the previous one, and is much more robust and reliable.

New features

  • Brand new simplification engine: much faster, and more reliable
  • Old FBX files (FBX version <2011) can now be opened


  • Renamed "Proxy Preview" to "Placeholder"

Bug fixes

  • Fixed textures being flipped vertically in the preview
  • Fixed textures being flipped vertically in Thea proxies
  • Fixed geometry disappearing in models with tiny faces
  • Fixed some textures appearing stretched in the preview
  • Fixed Transmutr crashing when opening ill-formed models with invalid texture paths

Tested on an FBX that would not open in the last version and imported perfectly!


First test:
There is still an error in the Transmutr preview,

the proxy is correct and the Thea model too.


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Oh… That’s strange. I double checked with another model and it is fixed.
Is the model available online? Or can you send it to me?

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Hi @dedos_estudio.

Is your texture a TGA?

Thanks for the Update!

i tried it on this .3ds from archibase and mapping error is still present here too.

here´s the model

Hi @juancarlosestereovis, is your texture a TGA?

Hi Merwan!

it comes with a .tga but apparently transmutr is using the .jpg

sure: https://3dpeople.com/en/free-3dpeople/

is JPG:

I just released a hotfix for this issue: [Release] Beta 0.4.1 (hotfix)

It happened only with textures which dimensions are power of two (256, 512, 1024, etc)