[Release] Beta 0.4.2

Beta 0.4.2

Download : https://files.getskatter.com/transmutr_setup_0.4.2.exe


  • Adding base materials to complement V-Ray 2Sided materials, as a workaround to the issue of texture scale discrepancy in V-Ray Next
  • Adding a dummy colorized texture when a material doesn’t have a diffuse map but has other maps, to preserver UV mapping
  • Enable materials ‘Normal’ setting if bump map name contains “norm”

Bug fixes

  • Fix FaceSkipping’s face count not working
  • Fix geometry simplification producing holes in some cases
  • Fix emissive color
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Thanks for the hard work Thomas!

YES, This version fixes the problem on my work PC. Thanks.


Good job!!! :hugs:
The simplification of geometry is much better. The holes are gone!
However, there is a small problem with UV mapping both in the previous and in the SKP model.

Thea proxy test:

Hi @dedos_estudio, yes the simplification will generate this kind of texturing artifacts with high simplification levels. We’re trying to reduce them but sometimes it’s impossible to avoid them entirely.

Can you send us this model so that we try to tune the simplification so that it works a bit better? Thanks

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@dedos_estudio this artifact should now be fixed in the latest release -> https://forums.getskatter.com/t/release-beta-0-4-3/1671