[Release] RoomBox 1.0.0-beta3

Hi @roombox_beta testers!

Here’s a new version of RoomBox that fixes a few bugs and implements some UI improvements.

Behind the curtain, @Thomas has also been tirelessly adding dozens and dozens of new rooms to the library. They should be available soon!


  • Use clearer names for the groups and materials created by RoomBox.
  • Display construction lines to materialize the boundaries of a room.
  • Use the SketchUp model’s unit for the dimensions shown in the room library.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed errors when loading files that are stored under paths with unicode characters.
  • Fixed a crash occurring when loading a custom map with the PNG format.
  • Fixed errors occurring when the download directory has been deleted.
  • Fixed the layout of the room library being broken in older versions of SketchUp (there was no spacing between rooms).
  • Fixed the library toolbar sometimes not responding after typing search terms.

How to install this update?

You can either:

  • Start RoomBox and let it automatically update



Thanks Merwan!
The dimensions in meters are much appreciated!
Why is the value of choice so high on the Thea material? even in daylight with an exterior camera setup it`s just too bright in my experience. is there a particular reason?

Also the packs available are rady to buy?

Btw i tried updating via the update button on the plugin several times with no success, i did update of course with the rbz option but the automatc update did no t work for me, checked the console and no message was returned on the devtools menu.

I tried to set a default value that could work in different lighting scenarios. But I’m not a savvy Thea user. What value would you use?

Yes they are!
The new packs are from third-party vendors, so unfortunately we cannot offer them for free (or 1€) to beta testers.

I’ll let Merwan pick up on the update issue.

Thanks for the bug report! We’re going to investigate this.

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I think you are more than all right! the passive emitter setting is perfect, i would change it from 250,000 to 100,000 watts, the current value even in daylight looks too bright and looses detail.
with an exterior default camera of iso 100 shutter 250 fnumber 5.6 this looks Ok.
I see there is day and night options on the rooms, a day room would be ok with 100,000 watts
a night room configuration would be better with much lower values such as 20,000 watts
since night cameras are configured with an iso between 400 and 1000 with a 125 shutter and 4.8 fnumber. it could need some tweaking but it would be at a much closer value to what´s needed for such renderings.

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Thanks, I will update the default value!

Although for now we cannot really have two different values for night and day. It may be possible in the future, I have to look into it.
We also plan to expose an intensity slider in the RoomBox UI in a future version.

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Hi @juancarlosestereovis
I tried to update RoomBox from beta2 to beta3 but it works on my side.

At which stage does it fail for you? Here’s what it should look like:

Does the “Updating RoomBox…” animation appear?

Could you send us your log file? (located at C:/Users/USERNAME/AppData/Roaming/RoomBoxForSketchup/RoomBoxForSketchup.log)

Hi Merwan! it got hung up on the updating roombox progress bar and never passed from that (until skp crashed) i can maybe downgrade and try it again today but i tried it 3 times yesterday and it did not finish the process.

Lost PC. Two weeks in shop. Returned… lost data. Tried upgrade to win10, didn’t fix problems. Trying new win11… trying to get network working. Very soon, I should be able to get this working! Can’t wait to play with it. I was able to launch in win10 before all this happened but, I DO look forward to experimenting seriously with this.

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