[Release] RoomBox 1.0.0-beta5

Hi @roombox_beta testers, here’s a new version of RoomBox!

WARNING: This version contains major internal changes that will probably cause issues with SketchUp models containing data from older RoomBox beta versions. For testing this version, please start fresh from new SketchUp models.


  • It is now possible to create rooms anywhere, even if the creation tool is not touching an existing surface.
  • Added an option to pick a separate resolution for the room shown in SketchUp’s viewport (previously, a low-resolution version of the room map was always used). This is especially useful with renderers that do not support proxy maps, such as Enscape. However, please note that this increases the size of the model.
  • Added more information in the pack section: price and room count.


  • Changed the preview when creating rooms from a single purple rectangle showing the front window to a full box showing the future room’s volume.
  • Changed the icons in the RoomBox toolbar.
  • Thea: lower the lighting intensity to produce better-looking renders.


  • Fixed the “Assign to selection” command not copying the sprites’ enabled/disabled option, which could produce unexpected results depending on the selected room type.
  • Fixed the room names not updating when assigning a different room type.
  • Fixed the room order changing in the library in each session.
  • Fixed packs sometimes being mixed up in the purchase interface.
  • Fixed the “Delete” button for custom maps sometimes being invisible.
  • Fixed the toolbar buttons being disabled when a window is already opened/a tool is already active. Now, they can also be clicked in that case, which focuses the window/goes back to the previous tool.
  • Fixed the room editor not opening when selecting rooms.
  • Fixed some rooms appearing blurry in the room editor’s thumbnail.
  • Fixed the position of room sprites not updating in real-time when changing it from the editor.

How to install this update?

You can either:

  • Start RoomBox and let it automatically update



What versions of Sketchup is this compatible with?

@whiterabbit RoomBox is compatible with SketchUp 2020 and later versions.