[Release] Skatter 2.0.3

How to install this update?

You can either:

  • Start Skatter and let it automatically update



Release notes


  • It is now possible to minimize the help animation displayed when using a Skatter tool.
  • A new button in the License window opens your Lindalë account in an external browser so that you can manage your Skatter licenses (check current activations, release seats).


  • When duplicating a composition, the editor of the new composition automatically pops up. Before this change, it could be unclear if the duplication succeeded as the only feedback was a new entry in the Composition Manager.

Bug fixes

  • Curve hosts: fixed a crash sometimes occurring when scattering along vertical edges.
  • Object insertion mode: fixed an error occuring when mixing objects with different insertion modes.
  • Composition editor: fixed the parameters displayed in the editor sometimes reverting to old values when V-Ray was active.
  • Render Only: fixed compositions not updating properly when switching from Render Only to In Model.
  • Licensing: fixed some important errors not being shown to users, such as errors due to network restrictions.
  • Licensing: fixed an error that could happen when editing a model that already contains Skatter data without first having activated a license.
  • MacOS: fixed some crashes that occurred when picking hosts or masks.

Thank you for posting!
Loved watching the live webinar recently… A good introduction to Skatter and Bazaar. It was nice to see a face and voice to help fill in the picture. Good job!

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