[Release] Skatter 2.1.0

This first major update for Skatter 2 makes zoning even more powerful by introducing Object Groups! With this new feature, you will now be able to generate compositions with even more variation by combining different objects into the same zones.

Please check out the updated documentation for Objects and Distributions.

This update also introduces a new language: French . If you’re interesting in helping us translate Skatter in more languages, please visit the Translation category of our forums.

How to install this update?

You can either:

  • Start Skatter and let it automatically update




  • It’s now possible to bundle several objects together in the same zones with Object Groups. Click the new “Create an object group” button in the Scattered Objects section to add new groups. Drag-and-drop objects into those groups to associate them together in the same zones. Each group has its own probability, letting you finely tune the final distribution.

  • The probability for each object to appear is now illustrated in a colored indicator at the bottom of the Scattered Objects section. This makes it easier to understand the probability distribution at a glance, especially when combining objects and groups.

  • A new “Noise in empty zones” checkbox has been added to allow or prevent random noise inside of empty zones. This makes it possible to inject randomness in zones populated by objects, next to truly empty zones.

  • Skatter is now available in French . Go to “Preferences > Language” to change the current language.


  • The “Empty zones” percentage has been removed. Instead, empty zones can be created by adding empty Object Groups and setting their probability as desired.

Bug fixes

  • Composition editor: fixed numeric parameters sometimes accepting negative values where they should not.

  • Composition editor: fixed automatic unit conversion not working for the distribution density.

  • Composition manager: fixed the import of .sklib files from Skatter 1 sometimes failing silently.

  • Convert entities to composition: fixed an error occurring when the selection contains too many objects.

  • Migration from Skatter 1: fixed all the objects being assigned the same color.

  • Fixed the “No job with ID” error that sometimes occurred when generating a composition.


Awesome! Object Groups will give us way more control. :sunglasses:

I also love the probability indicator bar!

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This links to Skatter 2.0.5 and not 2.1.0

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Thanks. The link has been fixed.

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