[Release] Skatter 2.1.3


  • The new “Automatic Generation” mode immediately inserts scattered objects into the model whenever the parameters of a composition change. Click on the new icon next to the “Generate” button to toggle this mode. This is particularly convenient when working with small to medium compositions that can be quickly recalculated.
  • Skatter is now available in Chinese. Go to “Preferences > Language” to change the current language.

Bug fixes

  • Uniform distribution: fixed several errors that occurred when creating a uniform distribution on a surface with an extremely high number of instances.
  • Composition masks: fixed an error sometimes occurring when deleting a composition that was used as a mask by another composition.
  • Composition masks: optimized composition masks to prevent SketchUp from freezing during several seconds when there is a high number of masking instances.
  • Collision filter: fixed an error that sometimes occurred when combining the collision filter with random translations.
  • Collision filter: fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when using the collision filter in a composition that generates a high number of small instances.
  • Composition editor: fixed number inputs not behaving properly when entering very small or very large values.
  • Composition editor: fixed the position of the context menu that appears when right-clicking on a point.
  • Composition editor: fixed several bugs producing a “No job with ID” error when updating a composition.
  • Composition editor: fixed the warning that appears when previewing too many instances no working properly.
  • Preview: fixed compositions sometimes still showing instances in the preview even when the last calculation was manually cancelled by the user.
  • Localization: fixed some window titles not being translated.
  • Localization: fixed some parts of the SketchUp UI (menus, tooltips) sometimes not switching to the selected language due to a bug.
  • 3D Bazaar: fixed an error that occurred when importing a Skatter composition from 3D Bazaar without having a valid Skatter license.

How to install this update?

You can either:

  • Start Skatter and let it automatically update