[Release] Skatter 2.2.0

Here’s a major update for Skatter that brings new features requested by users as well as the long-awaited support for Mac M1/M2.


  • Skatter now supports newer Mac computers with M1/M2 chipsets.
  • Added an “Ignore boundaries” option to surface hosts and masks to provide more flexibility when using the Boundaries filter.
  • Added a “Regenerate all” button to the composition manager.
  • The composition editor now remembers which UI sections have been expanded/collapsed for each composition.


  • Disabling the preview now only hides the instances that will be generated. Other elements like masks and cameras will still be displayed, making it easier to work on a composition while maintaining good performance.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed object-space distributions not aligning the instances’ axes with the host’s.
  • Fixed the object groups being lost when exporting/importing compositions.
  • Fixed automatic generation not running when deleting the last remaining object of a composition.

How to install this update?

You can either:

  • Start Skatter and let it automatically update




Error come up and I can’t use skatter anymore

How to solve this fast?! Thanks


I have received the same error message 27210

Oh shoot!
We will fix that very soon.

In the meantime, you can reinstall the previous version: [Release] Skatter 2.1.7

I have the same error 27210.

Please revert to the previous version for the time being, while we fix the issue in v2.2.0.

Previous version: [Release] Skatter 2.1.7

The issue has been fixed. Downloading the package again should now work.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Is this a known issue with this version (2.2.0)? I was able to download the other 2.x versions without problems, this one was blocked.

With Google Chrome from Lindalë > Download The Installer

With Firefox from the link above “Download the .rbz package and install it manually”

Hi, unfortunately the installation did not go trough. Got this now.

Skatter Issue

Revert to 2.1.7

EDIT: All worked fine if you do a manual installation of the rbs file.

@atornese Thanks for the update, good to hear it’s resolved.

Hi @mihai.s
This kind of issues unfortunately happens from time to time, when antivirus software wrongly flags our products as malware but it’s only a false positive.

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Hi @merwan,
Thanks for the reply!
I wrote to Bitdefender and I received now the information that they checked and made the necessary changes, and the file download no longer appears as a false positive. I updated Bitdefender and I downloaded the file without problems.
Have a nice day!


Thanks for contacting BitDefender about this!

Is Skatter available for Sketchup 2023? Just upgraded so I can begin learning VRAY, and need to load my extensions.

Yes, Skatter is compatible with SketchUp 2023.