[Release] Transmutr 1.2.4

Version 1.2.4

This version fully supports V-Ray 5. If you experienced crashes when trying to render files created by previous versions of Transmutr, this v1.2.4 should fix the issue.

Windows : https://files.getskatter.com/transmutr_setup_1.2.4.exe
MacOS : https://files.getskatter.com/transmutr_setup_1.2.4.pkg


  • [Studio version] Adding more automation patterns: DiffuseMapName, DiffuseMapExt, SourceFolderName, SourceFolderParent, SourceFolderParentName.
  • [Studio version] Allow overriding options with the CLI.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash with V-Ray 5.
  • Fixed V-Ray TwoSided materials.
  • Fixed texture paths in Enscape materials.
  • Fixed BottomCenter and TopCenter preview.
  • Lookup in nested folders when searching for map paths in VRMats.
  • [Studio version] Fixed paths lookup when using the CLI.
  • [Studio version] Fixed translucency map path missing in automations.