Reloaded component with render-only Skatter elements

I’ve noticed that when I skatter render-only proxies onto a component being edited outside of the full model, the render-only elements aren’t imported when I reload the component back into the full model (hope that makes sense).

I’m guessing I can save the skattered proxy set-up as a new library, but then I’d have to re-skatter them in the full model after reloading. Is that the only way?

I’m using: Sketchup 2016, Thea Render 1.5.07, OSX 10.11.6, Skatter 1.1.2


Yes, it is not yet possible to import Render Only setups saved in an external SKP file.
What you can do is to disable “Render Only” and generate your setup on a small surface. Then you import your component, then edit the Skatter group, pick the big surface and enable “Render Only” again.