Render image different to Skatter model

Not sure what is causing this but when I render my model in Twilight Exploration Render it is different to what the SU model is doing. I’ve attached some screenshots to illustrate. What would be causing this? First time the render shows foliage all the way to the ground but it is right in the model, whilst the second rendered skatter looks upside down compared to the model.
I did scale down the tree trunk & branch groups I’m using. Would this affect the way Skatter renders?

Can you send me the file to [email protected] ?

Hmmmm…starting to think my computer is trying to make a liar out of me. Tried this render again this morning. Renders OK now!

I suspect I might of changed something in the model during a skatter.
I’ll send the file to you Thomas. Although, it’s a big one at 8 MB.
Be nice to get some feedback.