Render Only no longer working (Skatter 2 with Twilight)

Hello all… I just got a new computer and installed new builds of SketchUp 2020, Twilight Render V2 and Skatter 2.0. In testing to see that they are all working together, I’m finding that the render only option is no longer working with Twilight. I can render skattered objects with full geometry, it’s just the Render Only isn’t working like it used to.

Is this a problem with Skatter not being fully supported by the new version of Twilight? Or the other way round? Or am I not ticking a box that I need to?

Thanks and Love Skatter!


It is Twilight that supports Skatter, not Skatter that supports Twilight. This is out of our control, so you should contact the Twilight developers.
Sorry I can’t help you further!


Skatter 2 is ready?

Hi @Nicolas_M,
Skatter 2.0 is currently under development, and there will be a private beta in the coming months, for the people who contributed to our crowd-funding.

Ok :slight_smile:
Thank you!